5 Excellent Meditation Apps I've Tried in 2020

5 Excellent Meditation Apps I've Tried

In this day and age, it's always one thing after another. Life is hectic: your coworker demands your energy constantly and all you crave is some time alone to rejuvenate and relax or maybe spend some well-deserved time with your friends and family. Although it seems impossible to relax your mind because it's constantly preoccupied with your to-do list, it actually is doable. I have put together a list of five of my favorite meditation apps to help you get started. Adding a smidgen of mindfulness to your day will truly make a world of difference. What's the best part about this list, most of these meditation apps are FREE. So, let's run through 5 Excellent Meditation Apps of 2020:

1. Headspace App

This app offers guided meditations and several mindfulness techniques. It even has sleep music and audio from the natural world. It builds personalized plans for you based on your individual needs. It's also completely free.

2. The Mindfulness App

This app offers a five-day introduction to mindfulness. It also offers both silent and guided meditations ranging from three to thirty minutes. In case you were wondering, it's free.

3. Calm App

This award-winning app has won itself five-star reviews from nearly every customer, making it one of the most celebrated meditation apps around. It offers calming exercises and breathing techniques to help you relax. It even has a dedicated smattering of meditations for the kiddos. Well-known voices, such as the incredible Matthew McConaughey's, lull you to sleep if you head over to the Sleep Stories section of the app. You can even engage in walking meditations and breathing exercises on the go if you have an Apple Watch and an iPhone. If you thought this app didn't get any better, think again. It's also free.

4. Insight Timer App

More actual meditation is practiced on this app than it is anywhere else. It offers a minimum of ten free guided meditations daily. The folks behind this app are constantly adding more to their repertoire. It also offers music and other audio recordings to aid in sleep. Plus, it has a discussion group. This is a fantastic app if you want something straightforward that will encourage you to maintain a simple daily practice of meditation.

5. Stop, Breathe, and Think App

This one is my personal favorite. It offers meditations based on your mood, so it will ask how you're feeling before you start meditating, and then it will provide you with a guided meditation that helps you feel better. If you're angry, it will offer you a guided meditation about forgiveness. If you're anxious, it will offer you a guided meditation about relaxation, and so on. It also offers yoga and acupressure videos and guided meditations that help you sleep like a baby. It's free and even has a feature that allows you to track your mood daily.

Optional In-App Purchases

Although all of the above apps are completely free to use, you can only access certain features. Each one offers additional in-app upgrades that you have the option of purchasing. I find that the basic apps are more than enough and already have a lot of very helpful features, but I wanted to provide you with all of the information. You can find out about even more meditation apps by following this link:;-think.

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation offers several benefits. It aids in decreasing anxiety and depression and increasing happiness by causing you to be more present at the moment. It also lengthens your attention span, and, some say, it even has the potential to reduce age-related memory loss. If that's not enough already, it might help you fight addictions, improve sleep, and decrease blood pressure. If you are curious, you can find out more by following this link: