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The Least Stressful Cities in the United States

Though there is no such thing as a stress-free life (at least not on planet Earth), there are places in the United States where people are living lives that are less stressed.

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How Lutemax 2020 Fights Blue Light

There are multiple clinical studies that show Lutemax 2020 increases the protective layer of the carotenoids in the retina and thereby improves visual performance. 

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Do Blue Light Glasses Really Work? Here's What Science Has to Say

In the digital age, computer devices give us a lot of advantages, but they have their drawbacks too. One drawback is that we spend huge portions of our days looking at screens, and there's not a lot we can do to completely avoid screen time.

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How Can Adaptogens Help with Stress?

Stress seems to be a fact of life. Between managing our jobs, relationships, hobbies, and other activities, it seems like we're running on empty more often than not.

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Adaptogens: Natural Remedies for Fatigue & Chronic Stress

In today's burgeoning wellness culture, new fads seem to be a dime a dozen. For the engaged and health-conscious individual, it is often challenging to sift through these various trends to find meaningful and effective solutions to different wellness struggles. This is particularly true of those attempting to address stress in their lives, as they find themselves overwhelmed with different options. However, one fascinating new trend in the Western world has begun to gain traction thanks to its purported array of benefits: adaptogens.    

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10 Unexpected Tips to Improve Your Sleep

Our society encourages a huge amount of ambition to be successful, which is wonderful and has led to innovation after innovation. However, it is also important to recharge your batteries so that you can be as productive as possible in the workforce. These tips will help you sleep better so that you can take the bull by the horns each and every day.    

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